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SleekTray - Under Desk Cable Management Tray

SleekTray - Under Desk Cable Management Tray

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✔︎ Unique & Extra Large Design
✔︎ Discreet, Low-Profile Aesthetics
✔︎ No-Drills & Easy Installation
✔︎ Matte Black Powder Coating
✔︎ Sturdy Yet Lightweight Metal Construction


Material: 0.8 mm premium quality metal
Color Coating: Stylish matte black
Installation: Self-adhesive or drills for more load
Dimensions: 16 x 4 x 5.5 inches
Packaging: Almost Zero plastic

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*** SleekTray is on it's way to the restock! You can place the order to get it from May 31, 2024***

  • Black Matte Premium Look

  • No Drill - Easy to Install

  • High Quality Manufacturing

Desk Organization Design

Uniquely Designed for Your Workspace

SleekTray embodies simplicity and practicality. With its unique design, it ensures all the messy cords and power bricks in place, offering a premium cable management solution for your workspace.

Streamlined Cable Organization

Simplified Style, Maximum Functionality

Embrace organization with our SleekTray, designed for those with busy schedules. Whether you're a professional seeking workspace efficiency or simply love tidy arrangements, our cable management tray elevates your organization game effortlessly.

  • Work From Home

    Your home is your office. Home office desk setup is required great organization skills to keep your workspace uncluttered. Stay productive and stress-free while your messy cable problems are solved by SleekTray!

  • Streaming / Gaming

    For streamer, gamer, podcaster, YouTuber, etc. More devices mean more cables to organized. SleekTray large capacity design will manage your cable problems with no time!

  • Office Desks

    It's not easy to keep your office space clean and neat office space especially managing the cables and wires. SleekTray can help keep all the desks stay organized and clean!


Does the SleekTray come with adhesive, or do I need to buy it separately?

The SleekTray comes with a built-in self-adhesive installation method, so there's no need to purchase anything separately!

How much weight can this tray hold?

The SleekTray can support up to 3kg when installed using Adhesive Tapes. If you plan to load heavier items, we recommend securing the tray with screws, which are included in the package.

Does it fit all desk types, including standing desks?

Yes, SleekTray can be attached to various desk types, including standing desks, ensuring a clutter-free space regardless of your desk model.

I have a dual monitor setup with multiple peripherals. Will one SleekTray be enough?

One SleekTray offers ample space for multiple cables. However, for setups with an extensive array of devices, we recommend the 2-Pack for maximum organization.

Can I use SleekTray with metal desktop or glass desktop?

Yes, since you can attach SleekTray with our strong adhesive, that means no drilling is needed, making it possible for you to use SleekTray with your glass or metal desk!

What's specification of the tray?

It is 16" long, 4" wide, and 5.5" high. Made of 0.8mm metal sheet with a matte finish, it is lightweight yet strong.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Typically, we ship to the US from our US fulfillment center.

For shipping to other countries, please contact us at We are happy to assist in arranging shipment to your location!

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